Research Project for Carbon Freedom

In partnership with the Rothschild Foundation, The 1000 Cities for Carbon Freedom Initiative is undergoing a comprehensive research project that scans all major cities of the world’s climate action plans. This research project will serve as a road map for our planet. It will highlight a list of the cities which are achieving sufficient standards to meet the Paris Accord, as well as, determine where how cities need climate action support and technical assistance in order to improve their target ambitions to meet the 1000 cities targets and align with the Paris Agreement.

The first phase of the 1000 Cities Research Project has three key goals:

  1. Complete a broad-based scan of Climate Action Plans for all major cities of the world.

  2. Create a road map for these cities to follow by identifying the gap between existing targets and 1000 Cities targets. This road map will specify the key areas and sectors where reductions are significantly needed.

  3. Inspire cities to take on aggressive climate action policy by clearly laying out the global best practices.

Together, we can create achievable and ambitious climate action plans for our world’s cities.

Creating a renewable, zero emissions world.