Write Letters

In December 2017 1000 Cities and countless other activism partners celebrated a massive victory in getting New York City to divest $390 Billion from Fossil Fuels. How did we pull this off? Protests, phone calls, lobbying and letters.

Letter writing is one of the best ways to put the pressure on city officials. Yes, it can feel “old fashioned” in this day and age, but bombarding a city office with thousands of physical letters sends a very clear message: we are here, our voices matter, it’s time for you to listen.

There are countless topics you could choose to write about, but here are a few we’re working on.

  • Urge your city to join the 1000 Cities Initiative and go 100% fossil fuel free by 2040.

  • Commit to zero waste — get your city to implement widespread compost and recycling stations.

  • If you are outside of NYC (even New York State residents), convince your city to divest from fossil fuel pension funds.

Where can you send letters? if you live in one of our partner cities find your address below.

New York City

Mayor’s Office of Sustainability 253 Broadway, 14th Floor New York City

Los Angeles

City of Los Angeles 200 N. Spring Street Los Angeles, CA 90012


City Hall The Queen's Walk London SE1 2AA 


City Hall 453 West 12th Ave Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

Don’t see your city? You can always go online and find the mailing address to your Mayor’s Office of Sustainability!